Registrations are accepted throughout the year.
Please use the e-mail form on our CONTACT US page to request a copy of the Registration Form.

Q: When and where does the band meet?
A: Band meets on Tuesday & Thursday afternoons at the band room of Ben Lippen school off Montecello Rd. See the "More Info" page for our schedules.
Q: How old does my child need to be to participate in MHSB?
A: We start students at age 10. Most children younger than 10 are not physically mature enough to handle a band instrument as finger and hand size, arm length, and other physical factors affect a student's potential for success. Students under age 10 must have an interview with the Director of Bands to be considered for an exception to this policy..
Q: How much does it cost to be in MHSB?
A: The annual tuition is $210/year if paid at once or eight (8) installments of $30 due by the 15th of each month.Special ensembles are also available for enrolled band members for an additional $100/year. Please inquire for more info on special ensembles. In addition to the tuition, there are costs associated with performance attire, instrument purchase or rental and instrument maintenance and, on occasion, travel expenses for band trips.
Q: When can I join the Band?
A: Students are welcome to begin the program at any time. However, performance readiness is the decision of the Director of Bands.

Q: Does the band offer Fund Raisers?
A: Yes. To help off-set the cost of tuition, a number of band sponsored fundraising events may be made available throughout the year.
Q: Does my child need to have previous music experience to be in the band?
A: No. Although previous experience with piano or other music lessons is helpful, it is not necessary. The MHSB program of instruction is designed to give students a strong foundation in music reading skills and technique.
Q: How is the Band organized?
A: The Band is coordinated by a Board of Directors, which manages the daily operations of the Band. Band families are encouraged to lead and participate in the activities of the Band. The Board consists of a President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and Members.
The Director of Bands is responsible for all musical aspects of the program, including supervision of the Music Faculty.

There is also an Administrator who organizes and disseminates communication with Band families, assists the Treasurer in collecting payments, provides as a liaison to the host facility, and coordinates other Band activities.

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